VEEV Contactless Order & Pay

The purpose of this guide is help you understand VEEV Contactless Order & Pay app so that you can get the mamximum benefits of using it.

VEEV Contactless Order & Pay app is designed so that you can order and pay at restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops and stores from your mobile phone. Thus minimizing the chances of getting germs by touching surfaces, menus or handing your credit card.

Contactless Ordering
Contactless Pay
Contactless Receipting
Contactless ID Verification

Contactless Ordering

Contactless Pay

Contactless Receipting

Discover GREAT Food
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VEEV Contactless Ordering & Checkin
VEEV Contactless Pay
VEEV Contactless Receipting

Contactless ID Verification

Get verified without giving your ID.

VEEV Contactless ID Verification verifies you are at bars, clubs, stores and businesses that require ID verification to enter the premises or complete a transaction.

Scan QR

Verify or Checkin

Activity Log

How To Set Up Contactless Pay & ID

Its quick and easy to setup and start using the VEEV App.

Secure your personal data and protect your privacy. VEEV allows you to instantly access websites, events, clubs, bars, work and more. Never ever give your credit card or ID ever again. Simply verify your phone number and you are set. Further know who it was given to, what was given and when.

Every QR scanned with VEEV App is available for your records.

Every user on the VEEV Network has a unique VEEV QR. It is located at the top of the Checkin screen on the mobile app.

It contains your username and it can only be read by another VEEV App. It can be used by friends to send you money or share event information.

VEEV is built using with secure Blockchain technology.

Go Contactless and Stay Germ Free

Cash and Credit Cards contain 26,000 germs and viruses according to a study by Mastercard as reported by CNN. According to Scientific Curiosity money can transfer live flu viruses for up to 17 days. Credit cards are even more hazardous than cash as viruses can live on plastic for hours maybe days. According to Dr. Susan Whittier, a clinical microbiologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital at Columbia University Medical Center. "If someone is coughing, and then they hand their credit card to someone across the counter, I wouldn’t rule out the potential of transmission."