Instantly Access Websites, Events, Clubs, Bars, Stores, & More

Login to websites, sign-up for events, pay at stores, checkin at offices by scanning QR codes. No more filling forms, creating accounts, remembering passwords, giving credit card and providing personal information.

Events - register for events directly from your phone.
Clubs - skip the line and get into the coolest clubs in a click.
Bars - discover the hot spots where you are.
Work - access building, venue, clubs, bars and more by scanning a QR code.
Stores - never give your card again. Pay by QR. Redeem rewards points by QR.
Websites - login to websites instantly, no more accounts, usernames, passwords etc.

Instant QR Checkin

VEEV User Checkin

Instant Access With QR Codes

Instant access to ....
- No more waiting in line
- No more creating accounts
- No more passwords
- No more giving your ID
- No more missing out on HOT parties

Scan QR

Instant Sign-Up

Tickets / Confirms

VEEV Wallet

Pay With QR


Pay Without Giving Your Card

- Instantly pay by scanning QR codes from your phone. No more handing your credit card.

- Cut down on identity and payment theft by paying with QR.

Split Bills

Pay Friends

One Place For Receipts

VEEV Wallet

QR Activity Record


QR Activity Record

Every QR scanned with VEEV App is available for your records.

Every user on the VEEV Network has a unique VEEV QR. It is located at the top of the Checkin screen on the mobile app.

It contains your username and it can only be read by another VEEV App. It can be used by friends to send you money or share event information.

VEEV is built using with secure Blockchain technology. It is ideal for:
- Login & Checkin Access
- Event Sign Up
- Payments & Transactions
- Chats, Contacts & Groups

Get Started

Get started with VEEV App and start saving time and protect your privacy. VEEV allows you to instantly access websites, events, clubs, bars, work and more. Secure your personal data. Never ever give your credit card or ID ever again. Simply verify your phone number and you are set. The more information you give VEEV the more access you have. Further know who it was given to, what was given and when.

Verify Phone Number

Access events and websites.

Scan Driver's License

Access clubs, bars, buildingand more.

Validate Credit or Debit Card

Pay at stores, events, cafes, bars and more.