Connecting The QR Dots


Daya Baran

Founder & CEO

Daya is the founder & CEO of VEEV. Previously, he was the founder of StockChats a messaging platform for the investment community. He is a FinTech executive with over 20 years, generating $100 million for a $1 billion fund in 12 months. He is a Top 10 analyst on Apple Inc. He built the world’s first web based on-demand music streaming service with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson He was an early investor in Robert Friedland's, Diamond Fields which was acquired by Inco for $4.3 billion.

Phil Glaeser

Chief Operating Officer

Phil Glaeser is the COO of VEEV. He has over 30 years of experience across a wide variety of industries in business development and operations management. He has founded four startups including a mobile proximity payment application and a boutique investment company. He has consulted with financial giants Bank of America, Wells Fargo and numerous firms including US Steel, General Motors, Freudenberg-NOK and Uniroyal. He began his career developing advanced computer system for IBM.

Darren Lam

Software Architect

Darren is a Software Engineer/Architect with adeptnesses in Data Structures and System Design, and versed in a variety of programming languages, including but not limited to C, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Swift.

Talyor Zane

Mobile Applications Engineer

Taylor is a highly proficient iOS and Android applications engineer.

Sherin Sunny

Infrastructure Specialist

Sherin is a Dev Ops engineer with strong competencies in cloud, automation, and scripting. He has experience working in multinational companies like Google, Farmers Insurance, Comcast, and Ingram Micro.
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