Checkin System For Events, Venues, Bars, Restaurants, Offices & Businesses

VEEV Checkin

Instant Checkin for Customers & Guests

Instant checkins, eliminating line-ups and queues, leading to a better customer experience.

Take Appointments & Reservations

Take reservations, schedule appoiontments, meetings and instantly notify customers on their mobile phone.

Send Reminders, Messages & Promotions

Reminder customers about appointments, schedule follow-ups, return visits, send promotional offers and more.

How It Works

1. Download VEEV Checkin, create an account with your business name, address, phone, other business information and you are set to go.

2. Your business listing will be displayed on the VEEV Wallet mobile app as on the right. Customers can view on their mobile phone available openings and book appointments or make reservations.

3. To schedule an appointment from VEEV Checkin, click on "Book". This will give the calendar view. Select the date and time of the appointment to book. Add the appointment using the user @handle or type first and last name and phone number. A notification will be sent to the user's VEEV Wallet.

VEEV Wallet

Checkin Customers & Guests Without Comprimising Privacy, Personal Data & Security

Checkin Attendees, Customers & Guests Instantly

Checkin attendees quickly and efficiently. Eliminates line-ups. Eliminate typing errors looking up attendee information, save time retyping. Provide attendees with a smooth, seemless experience.

CRM For Marketing, Record Keeping & Compliance

Database for customer relations management. Marketing tools to grow your business. Record of customer activity for compliance requirements.

Fraud Prevention & Buyer Verification

Prevent fraudulent transactions by knowing who you customer is. VEEV Checkin delivers your business secure and verified customers.

Privacy & Security

VEEV Checkin provides identity verification for the safety and security of your customers and business without violating the privacy and personal information of customers.